Fox and Fogarty Mascots


Name: Gracie
Nickname: Gracie Face, Punkin Munkin
Type: Brown dog
Parents: Christin and Colby
Description: Gracie is like Dorothy from the Golden Girls because she is sassy and fiercely independent. Her favorite things are naps, more naps, rolling in the grass, and being an Urban Huntress. An Urban Huntress is when Gracie hunts stuffed animals around the house….only a select few get to keep their stuffing. She is also a professional at shedding her hair.


Name: Collette
Nickname: Girl Dog
Type: Husky mix
Parents: Christin and Colby
Description: Collette never barks and will stealthily open the door to another room, dig through the trash and blame it on Gracie. She loves playing in mud puddles, cuddles during thunderstorms, long naps in the sunshine and her favorite word is T-R-E-A-T. 


Name: Salsa
Nickname: Smallsa, smallie
Type: Tuxedo Cat
Parents: Scott
Description: A wild and crazy hurricane Irma rescue cat. She enjoys running in circles, playing with dog toys, long stares out the window, and destroying house plants!


Name: Hildegard of Knoxville
Nickname: Hildie, Hilbie, Bilbie, Hill, Bill
Type: Tennessee Brown Hound
Parent: Scott
Description: Hildie comes from a grand lineage of brown dogs of the hills of Tennessee. She is a mutt that acts like a potato at home, but comes alive while walking on the trail!


Name: Crush
Nickname: Crush Wrap Supreme, Crushtopher, Crushanator
Type: Boxer
Parent: Scott
Description: Crush is foster fail, who found his way in Scott’s home when his original parents were deployed. Crush was such a natural fit he decided to stick around with the blessing of his previous owners. He is a wimpy boxer who lives to chase tennis balls!


Name: Penny
Nickname: Pennifer Love Hewitt, PenPen, Schmoops
Type: Long Hair Dumpster Cat
Parents: Katie and Peter
Description: Penny was born at the Bearden Beer Market and named after a character on the TV show Lost. She likes to sleep in blanket forts, take long naps, chatter with birds, and play with ice cubes.


Name: Fiti
Nickname: Kitty
Type: Short-ish hair, calico
Parent: Carolina
Description: Rescue kitty.  Loves to run around the house frantically for no apparent reason. Loves cuddling and playing fetch (yes, she fetches!) and napping in closets.


Name: Rambo Werewolf Francis
Nickname: Rambo, Ram, Bub
Type: Siberian Husky
Parents: Ashley and Lee
Description: Rambo is the biggest brother of his siblings and hates to cuddle. He’s mommas protector and is always 2 steps behind her wherever we go. He loves to howl, doesn’t bark, hates to ride in the car but loves to rough house with his baby bro. He loves going on walks and running like he’s pulling a sled and sunbathing is his favorite hobby.


Name: Jack Wolfskin Francis
Nickname: Jack, Jackie, Bubbie, Jack Black
Type: Siberian Husky
Parents: Ashley and Lee
Description: Jack was the runt of the litter but the biggest cuddler in the world. He’s a mommas boy and sleeps right on top of my head during nights he’s allowed in the bed. He loves to howl, doesn’t bark at all and loves to give kisses and rough house with his big bro. He loves going on walks and running some and laying on vents to cool off in the house after.


Name: Garbage
Nickname: Trashy McRubbish III
Type: Cat
Parents: Luke and Amy
Description: We named him Garbage because that’s where he is going to go if he continues to fight and lose his battles with the dog, our pillows, and obesity.


Name: Cullen
Nickname: Shitty PooPoo
Type: Maltese Dog
Parents: Luke and Amy
Description: Eat, sleep, bark at nothing. Repeat.


Name: Macy
Nickname: Maytee Gurl, Queen B, Middidduddadamayteegurl
Type: Greyhound
Parents: Luke and Amy
Description: Macy is just like her parents; lean, muscular, and beautiful… and also lazy, sleeps all day, and eats a ton. She really doesn’t like to be bothered, just likes to watch people hang out! I think she deserves to do whatever she wants because she did race on the track for 4 years, so I would say she is living a great retirement!

Mrs. Kittensworth

Name: Mrs. Kittensworth
Nickname: Mittens, Tittens, Shittens
Type: Super tiny cat
Parents: Luke and Amy
Description: She is the poster child for the phrase, “if I fits, I sits” she is also proud that she is 6 months sober.


Name: Zoey
Nickname: ZoZo, Zoey McZozo,
Type: Golden Doodle
Parents: Matt and Rebecca Smith
Description: Even though she was the clearance puppy, she will always be priceless to us. Zoey is the most loyal dog, she follows us everywhere we go. Her favorite spot is next to us on the couch or cozied up in bed with us. She thinks she is a lap dog even though she weighs 65 pounds. She loves tennis balls and will play catch for hours, she is still a puppy at heart! She is the sweetest and we are so happy she found us!